Easy, Pretty Paper Fan Tutorial

Sailboats need wind to sail.  (Duh.)

Even little toy ones for a Rain Gutter Regatta birthday party.  

My solution, so the kids wouldn't have to huff and puff and pass out in the heat?  Fast and easy paper fans.

I could have gone really old-school and just accordion folded some paper, but I thought it would be fun to find a quote about wind or sailing for the fans.  A little bit of decoration, a little bit of inspiration.  I printed out my quote on cardstock, and trimmed into a fannish shape (technical term).  I glued a dowel to the back of the cardstock, and glued on some rope trim with my glue gun.  

That probably would have worked just fine, but it felt a little flimsy, so I decided to glue on a second layer of cardstock, sandwiching the dowel between the two sheets of paper.  That added substantial sturdiness, and I liked the contrast of the colored border.  

It worked perfectly for our purpose, and, since it was a hot day, the kids enjoyed having fans around to help keep things cool.

I think this would be a fabulous way to make wedding programs for an outdoor service with a potential for hot weather.  I've been to many weddings where the programs were used as impromptu fans, anyway!  Why not make them truly appropriate for the purpose?