Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars Party

I was invited to style a party scene for Pottery Barn Kids' big Star Wars event in Chandler, Arizona, in 2011. I had so much fun using their products as props, and adding my own elements in an astronomy/space theme. I played with light in this party scene -- glowing meteor candy, glowing cake stands, and more. My favorite element was the fiber-optic star ceiling board I made and used as the backdrop.


  • Shooting star lollipops
  • Planet and shooting star cookies
  • Hand-painted sugar cookies
  • Sparkling edible cake topper
  • Glowing cake stand
  • Light saber pretzels
  • Glowing rock candy meteors
  • Peanut butter planet pops (cake pop alternative)
  • Glitter playdough
  • Princess Leia and Yoda simple costumes

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