Easy, Inepensive Real Flower Garland tutorial

I absolutely love the look of real floral garlands, but if you need to order them from a florist, the price can be amazingly high.  Not that the price is outrageous--a lot of those gorgeous garlands use a huge number of flowers, and the construction of some styles can be very tricky.  I truly believe that the florists are charging appropriately.  But sometimes (usually) I just don't have the budget to purchase such lavish floral arrangements.  But that doesn't mean I have to settle for fake flower garlands from the craft store.

Easy Rope Covered Monogram Tutorial

Looking for an easy way to decorate a chair for a guest of honor?  How about a simple, rope-covered monogram for a simple, seaside vibe?

Easy Rustic Rope Serving Tray Tutorial

I love serving dishes, and have a fair collection.  My mom has even more, and graciously lets me use her house like a completely awesome, free prop shop.  ;-)  But sometimes even she doesn't have quite what I need.  

When that happens, sometimes I buy something for my collection, but more often, I like to make it.

Tutorial: How to Make a Dramatic Flower and Macaron Dessert Table Centerpiece

Did you see the amazing Bloom and Grow party by Million Dollar $mile Celebrations over on Hostess With The Mostess a couple days ago?  It was an absolutely magical event inspired by The Sound of Music, without being a movie themed party.

Giant Balloon Graduation Tassel Tutorial

Nothing says "Party!" like a balloon!  

And what better way to dress up a big plain balloon for graduation than with a classic tassel and a glittery class year?

Easy Graduation Hat Cake Plate Tutorial

I love using cake plates to display food.  It's such an easy way to create different elevations and create a beautiful spread without much effort.  I have a rather large collection of cake plates for just this purpose, but when I was designing Colleen's graduation party, I wanted to try something new.

DIY cake plates that look like graduation caps!  

Two Easy Weathered Wood Photography Backdrop Tutorials

I've been eyeing different small photography backdrops for product photography (very useful for a lot of craft projects, recipes, and other stuff I blog about).  But I decided to play around with making my own before ordering some.

I experimented with two different methods, and both worked beautifully, so I'll show you both techniques here.

Turk's Head Knot Napkin Rings Tutorial

Did you have one of those nautical rope bracelets back when they were trendy in...oh...about 1992?  I did.  I was always amazed by how it looked like a simple braid...but with no discernable start or end.  I thought a slightly smaller version would make a perfect nautical napkin ring for the nautical wedding inspiration photo shoot.

Elegant Nautical Escort Cards Tutorial

Sand and Seashell Candles for an Ocean-Themed Event

Candles add instant romance to any event.  But most venues don't allow open flame, so tapers are out of the question.  Votives, however, are an easy solution, and are an incredibly easy DIY element for any wedding or party.

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