Two Easy Weathered Wood Photography Backdrop Tutorials

I've been eyeing different small photography backdrops for product photography (very useful for a lot of craft projects, recipes, and other stuff I blog about).  But I decided to play around with making my own before ordering some.

I experimented with two different methods, and both worked beautifully, so I'll show you both techniques here.

Turk's Head Knot Napkin Rings Tutorial

Did you have one of those nautical rope bracelets back when they were trendy in...oh...about 1992?  I did.  I was always amazed by how it looked like a simple braid...but with no discernable start or end.  I thought a slightly smaller version would make a perfect nautical napkin ring for the nautical wedding inspiration photo shoot.

Elegant Nautical Escort Cards Tutorial

Sand and Seashell Candles for an Ocean-Themed Event

Candles add instant romance to any event.  But most venues don't allow open flame, so tapers are out of the question.  Votives, however, are an easy solution, and are an incredibly easy DIY element for any wedding or party.

Monogram Cake Bunting Tutorial Made With Real Shells

Cake bunting is such a charming trend, but I wanted something just a little more elegant for my nautical wedding inspiration shoot.  

A cake bunting featuring a monogram and natural materials like shells and sand was the perfect solution.  Elegant and playful at the same time.

Shell Table Number Tutorial, An Easy Nautical Wedding Project

Using real shells and sand lent effortless, authentic elegance to my nautical wedding inspiration photo shoot.

I particularly loved how easily my shell-encrusted table numbers turned out.  

Rustic, Nautical Rope Charger Tutorial, Pottery Barn Style

I've always loved those natural rope chargers you can find at places like Pottery Barn, and I knew, when I started planning my nautical wedding inspiration shoot, that I wanted to include them in the place settings.  

Easy Real Leaf Table Runner Tutorial

It's time for more fun making party decorations with real leaves today!

Incredibly Easy Real Leaf Garland Tutorial

I have absolutely no training as a florist, but I love working with real flowers, and have found that they're much more durable and forgiving than I originally thought.

Personalized Miniature Cocktail Umbrella Tutorial

As someone who has always had an affection for miniatures, I've always loved little cocktail umbrellas.  I used to covet them.  Collect them surreptitiously from adult's drinks.  Hoard them and play with them until the delicate little cardboard spines eventually gave up.   In short, I liked them.  Still do.  So when I started planning the Firefly themed birthday party, I knew I wanted to duplicate Kaylee's iconic parasol in miniature for the drinks.

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