Dead Simple Ghost Cupcake Topper Tutorial

How to make easy gum paste Ghost cupcake toppers for Halloween.  It's an incredibly simple and easy cake decorating project, but so effective; perfect for any spooky or not-too-scary event.

Spider Dog Halloween Costume Tutorial

Make a spider costume for your dog this Halloween, no sewing required!  

Spooky Spider Egg Sac Halloween Treats Tutorial

The Spiders' Den Trunk or Treat had plenty of creepy, spidery elements, like these spider egg sac treat bundles.

They were so easy to make, and fit perfectly with our arachnid theme.  

Creepy Potions Bottles with Free Printable Labels and a Halloween Blog Hop

Are you ready for some amazing, spooky Halloween fun??  I'm participating in an incredible Halloween Blog hop with more than 110 other bloggers to create tutorials for everything you could possibly need or want for Halloween!

Easy Frozen Crown Tutorial

Do you have someone who wants to be Elsa for Halloween?  (Who doesn't, this year?  It's going to be Night of the Living Elsas this Halloween)  Or perhaps a character like Jadis, the White Witch, from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?  Or any sort of snow fairy or princess?  Have I got the craft for you!  An easy, fast, sparkling icicle snow crown made with a glue gun and glitter!

Easy Pom Pom Spider Craft Tutorial

Are you excited for Halloween?  I am!  Weather here in Phoenix is absolutely glorious in October (our reward for suffering through the summer), and my girls are the perfect age to really love Halloween.

Sparkly Toadstool Tutorial for Cake Decorating

Toadstools and mushrooms always make me think about fun family hikes.  Not here in the desert of Arizona, particularly, where it's not wet enough to find many mushrooms.  But the association persists.  There's just something so magical about them--how they pop up overnight, the amazing colors and shapes.  How could I not want to take advantage of that for parties?  

No Bake, Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns

As a fun follow-up to Monday's acorn craft round-up, here's an acorn craft so easy that the kids can do it.  And who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter?

You'll need:

Easy, Inepensive Real Flower Garland tutorial

I absolutely love the look of real floral garlands, but if you need to order them from a florist, the price can be amazingly high.  Not that the price is outrageous--a lot of those gorgeous garlands use a huge number of flowers, and the construction of some styles can be very tricky.  I truly believe that the florists are charging appropriately.  But sometimes (usually) I just don't have the budget to purchase such lavish floral arrangements.  But that doesn't mean I have to settle for fake flower garlands from the craft store.

Easy Rope Covered Monogram Tutorial

Looking for an easy way to decorate a chair for a guest of honor?  How about a simple, rope-covered monogram for a simple, seaside vibe?