DIY Project: How to Make a Large Glittery Letter Decoration

Want and incredibly easy, inexpensive way to add a custom element to your party decor? All it takes is some paint, glue, glitter, and cardboard.

DIY Project: How to Make an Easy Circle Garland

This was such a last minute project. It was the morning of the Star Wars party. I'd completed all my planned projects, and had a little time and a lot of sparkling paper scraps. An ideaoccurredto me--and not just any idea, but a super easy, super fast idea for a glittery garland that would compliment my space theme perfectly.

DIY Project: How to Make Planet Pops

When I started thinking about the cake idsplay for the Star Wars/Space party, I immediately thought of planet cake pops. I typically only like to make cake pops when there's a reason for the thing to be on a stick in the air. Flying snitches? Awesome. Planets orbiting my cake stand? Yes!

DIY Project: How to Make Glitter Playdough

Playdough is a hit with all ages. Sure, we might buy it for the kids, but you can't tell me once you have that malleable material in your hands you're not sitting down at the table and squishing it with delight.

You know what makes playdough even better? Glitter.

DIY Project: Princess Leia Buns Star Wars Headband

At any party, I like to give the guests some costume element to help them get in the spirit of the party. Wings, tiaras, and tutus for a fairy party, for example.

Real Parties: Star Wars and Astronomy at Pottery Barn Kids

I was recently invited to style a birthday scene for pottery barn kids at the Chandler mall. They, like pbk stores all over the country, were having a Star Wars event to help launch their new Star Wars themed products for the holidays. They asked me to design a party setup using some of their products, to help give people inspiration for using objects from around the house in a party plan.

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