Raspberry Crumble Bar Cookies Recipe

I am a big fan of the humble bar cookie.  They're so easy, so quick, and if you have the right recipe, so delicious.  This raspberry crumble bar cookie recipe is definitely the right recipe.  It's AMAZING. 


Patriotic Red White and Blue Fruit Salad in a Watermelon Bowl

Are you ready to kick off summer with a Memorial Day cookout?  Here's an easy, healthy, patriotic side dish that's sure to impress.

Red, white, and blue fruit salad in a watermelon bowl!


Homemade Lemon Drop Hard Candies Recipe

I've always loved classic lemon drops hard candies, but I've never tried making them myself.  The Ultimate Lemonade Stand was a perfect excuse to remedy that.

Mmm, tart, lemony goodness.


Crumb Topped Lemon Muffins Recipe

A lemon muffin with bright lemon flavor and a delicious crumb topping is pretty much the best way to start any day.

I knew I wanted to make some lemon muffins for the Ultimate Lemonade Stand, but I didn't have a go-to lemon muffin recipe, so I decided to adapt my favorite lemon quick bread recipe.


Lemon Slice Cookies Recipe--With REAL Lemon Slices!

If you love lemon like I do, you've probably been dissapointed with lemon desserts before.  You know the ones, that look great, but don't actually taste like lemons, just kind of smell like them.  These lemon slice cookies are the opposite of those disappointments.  These will blow you away with their lemon awesomeness. 


Zucchini Cookies with Lemon Glaze Recipe

These zucchini cookies with a lemon glaze are absolutely delicious.  Not too sweet, with just the right bright citrus zing from the glaze drizzled on top.  These were my favorite goodies from the Ultimate Lemonade Stand.


Addictively Delicious Cappuccino Blondies Bar Cookie Recipe

Welcome to this month's Taste Creations Blog Hop!  The theme ingredient this month is coffee.  I decided to develop a recipe for cappuccino blondies based on my favorite snickerdoodle blondies recipe.


Delicious Homemade Sprinkles Tutorial

I've seen homemade sprinkles before, but the only ones I've seen have been made with royal icing, piped into lines, and then broken into smaller pieces.  It's cute, but not quite what I wanted to create for my homemade sprinkle experiment.  I wanted something more regular, and also with a more distinct flavor.  It also sounded rather tedious to make the royal icing version.


Fresh Berry Syrup for Making Strawberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry Lemonade

Our whole family loves making fresh lemonade with lemons from our backyard, but we usually just make basic, plain lemonade.  For the Ultimate Lemonade Stand, I wanted to make some fresh berry syrups that our friends could add to the plain lemonade.


Crumb Topped Zucchini Bread Recipe

Quick breads are easy to make (no yeast!  no fuss!) and so delicious, and one of my very favorites is zucchini bread.  I'm not a big fan of zucchini generally, but when you grate it and bake it in a sweet quick bread, it's absolutely magical.

You pretty much can't go wrong with zucchini bread of any variety, but I decided to jazz up my favorite recipe by adding a crumb topping.  Spoiler alert: it was a great idea.