The Easiest, Least Expensive Chalkboard Photo Backdrop Ever

A few weeks ago, I wanted a chalkboard.   So I went to various office stores, to craft stores, to Target, and NOBODY had just a basic, decently sized chalkboard I could use as a prop for some photos.  Oh, I could get them online from any of those stores, but they only carried white boards in the stores.  

Easy, Pretty Paper Fan Tutorial

Sailboats need wind to sail.  (Duh.)

Even little toy ones for a Rain Gutter Regatta birthday party.  

Preppy Plaid No Sew Hair Accessories Tutorial

When I started planning the Rain Gutter Regatta party, I knew I wanted it to be full of preppy red, white, and blue plaids and prints.    I don't know why, but I've always been a sucker for Madras plaid, especially when done patchwork quilt style.  I wanted to play with that mix of fabrics and color families at the party.

Easy Nautical Knot Headband Tutorial

I have two daughters, and they both love hair accessories (or "pretty hairs" as we call them--my oldest daughter dubbed them that when she was a toddler and the name stuck).  That's not to say that they wear them all that often--far too busy having fun than sitting around thinking about accessorizing.  But they do truly enjoy owning hair accessories, and having that option, at least.  ;-)  

Pretty, Easy Packaging for a Plain Deli Container #Tutorial

Plain deli containers are such useful, inexpensive things.  For lunches, for favor packaging, for making quick and easy maracas for an impromptu preschooler's marching band--and probably thousands of things I haven't thought of yet.  One thing I know for certain:  they're completely awesome for picnics and parties, doing the thing they were designed to do, hold food.

Easy Nautical Life Preserver Sandwich Tutorial

I mentioned in an earlier post how much I love doing boxed lunches for birthday parties.  They're made ahead of time, and the kids feel like they're getting a present when they get to open it up, and they tend to eat more of the healthy food that way.  I decided to take it a step further, and have fun with the food inside the box this time, too, and turn the turkey and cheese sandwiches into nautical life preserver rings.

How to Make a Center Gathered Wedding Veil Tutorial

Last week, I shared a tutorial for how to make a basic, classic wedding veil.  But what if you want a two layer veil (top layer can always be used as a blusher), but you don't want the poof of a standard veil?  Especially if you add a second layer?  A fabulous option is the center-gathered veil.

How to Make a Wedding Veil Tutorial

Wedding veils go through fashions, just like everything else (Silk tulle!  Scattered Pearls!  Poofy!  Not poofy!).  But the basics of making a standard, simple veil don't change, and remain classic.  

Materials and Equipment Needed to Make a Wedding Veil:


The Carin Hairpin Tutorial: Wedding Elegance on a Budget

I'm building on the techniques I showed in the Danielle hairpin and Crystal Hairpin tutorials, showing how you can combine these elements to create absolutely gorgeous hair accessories that look like they've just been featured in a swank wedding magazine.

Delicate Swarovski Rhinestone Hairpin Tutorial--the Danielle Hairpin

Yesterday, I showed you how to make the most basic, simple Swarovski crystal hairpin.  I'm building on the very basic techniques from yesterday's post, and am going to show you how to make a somewhat fancier dainty hairpin, the Danielle hairpin.

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