Halloween Trunk or Treat Blog Hop!

Are you looking for some great Trunk or Treat ideas this Halloween?  I've teamed up with some of my fabulous blogger friends to bring you a collection of awesome ideas.  Some are elaborate, some come together in just five minutes--there's something for everyone!

First up, an AMAZING Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown trunk or treat:

Tikkido is Joining the Ultimate Blog Party 2014! #UBP14

I'm joining the fun over at the Ultimate Blog Party 2014 this year!  And I thought I'd write a little bit about me today, as a way of introduction to all my new blogging friends.  

Recipe: How to Make Marzipan (and Marzipan Pyramids)

When I decided to make marzipan pyramids for the Egyptology party, I didn't intend to make my own marzipan. Really. I know I make pretty much everything myself, but this was supposed to be an easy little addition to the dessert table.

Christmas Recipe: White Chocolate Peppermint Bars (No Bake!)

My grandmother was an exceptional baker, and worked out of her home kitchen as a cake decorator to help support her family. At the holidays, her kitchen was a magical place. She always had towering trays full of so many kinds of cookies, from elaborately decorated sugar cookies (she was a magician with royal icing!) to simple bars. One of my very favorites, both then and now, are her Creme de Menthe bars. No-bake chocolate minty deliciousness. It's almost like a fudge in texture, but infinitely easier to make.

DIY Project: How to Make Planet Pops

When I started thinking about the cake idsplay for the Star Wars/Space party, I immediately thought of planet cake pops. I typically only like to make cake pops when there's a reason for the thing to be on a stick in the air. Flying snitches? Awesome. Planets orbiting my cake stand? Yes!


DIY Project: How to Make Molded Sugar Treats

When I was at the cake decorating store buying supplies for the Tykki-dyw butterfly party, I stumbled upon an adorable chocolate mold in the shape of tiny flowerpots. I loved them, and knew I wanted to use them in some way, but knew chocolate was out, since it was likely to be near 100 degrees for the party. Then I remembered the panoramic sugar eggs my grandmother used to make for Easter, and knew I had my solution.


DIY Project: How to Make Homemade Candy Buttons

Remember these? Oh, how I loved these as a kid.


How to Make Cake Balls That Look Like Ice Cream Cones

One day, as I was in the grocery store during the days when I was planning the Neapolitan ice cream April Fool's Day party, I saw Good Humor Drumsticks in the freezer case. Those classic, iconic ice cream confections always remind me of ice cream trucks and summers of my childhood.

How to Make Meringues That Look Like Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones

The next tutorial for the Neapolitan Ice Cream April Fool's Day party is here! This time I'll show you how I made the meringues that looked like soft serve ice cream cones. Those swirling, swooping pillows of meringue fooled a number of customers who came in TopIt Cupcakes while we were having our party!


How to Make Sugar Cookies That Look Like Ice Cream

One of my favorite elements from our recent Neapolitan ice cream April Fool's Day party was the recipe for cookies that looked like scoops of ice cream.