Strawberry and White Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

I told you I was having fun developing different biscotti recipies!  I was having iced coffee, and wanted something with a more summery flavor, and hit upon the idea of a strawberries and cream kind of twist on biscotti.

Strawberries and Cream Biscotti Recipe:

Red, White, and Blueberry Healthy Homemade Fruit Leather Tutorial

I have always loved fruit leather; it was my favorite treat when I was a little kid.  (And, um, it's still way up there on my list, if I'm being honest.)  

My girls love the commercial variety, of course, but I stumbled on an old cookbook on my shelves the other day, The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster.  

Tasty Homemade Hand Pies, the Perfect Summer Picnic Food

There's nothing sweeter for a summer picnic than an easy-to-pack hand pie.  Who wouldn't love that?  Pie!  That you can hold in your hand!

(Let's ignore, for the moment, that I've been known to eat regular pie with my hands, too.  Especially for breakfast.  These hand pies are way less messy.)

Healthy Fruit Popsicles Packed With Protein and Fiber Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a homemade, healthy, creamy, rich, and delicious fudgesicle.  And I like chocolate, don't get me wrong.  But I always tend to gravitate towards tart fruit desserts myself, so I decided to experiment and come up with some fruity, non-dairy, vegan, healthy popsicle treats, too.

Creamy and Rich Dairy Free Almond Milk Fudgesicle Recipe

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Marvelous Homemade Marmalade Recipe and Tutorial

Remember the itsy bitsy bottles of limoncello I made for my card gifts for the SNAP conference?  The conference was in Salt Lake City, and I didn't want to offend anyone who might not want limoncello, so I decided to make a great big batch of homemade marmalade as well.  

Sweet, Veggie-Filled Carrot Cake Pancake Recipe

I seem to be on a pancake kick, because when I came up with the idea for carrot cake pancakes, I couldn't shake it until I had created it.

The Easiest Homemade Strawberry Jam Tutorial

Homemade jam is something really special--so much better than most of what you can buy commercially.

And if you make freezer jam, it's even easier.  I'll tell you a secret, too:  I actually prefer the taste of freezer jam to traditional jam.  It's bright, fruity, and tastes like spring in a jar when you pull it out of your freezer the following winter.  

Savory Cornmeal Cheddar Pancakes Recipe

You might not know it by the number of cookie recipes I post, but I'm a bigger fan of salty than sweet things, so I have no idea why it didn't occur to me to explore the world of savory pancakes until very recently.  Pancakes with maple syrup are fine, but don't really tempt me much.  But a savory pancake...oh that's an idea that could get me up in the morning.

Tasty and Simple Grilled Italian Antipasto Eggplant Recipe Makes Entertaining Easy

Back in 2009, while I was still pregnant with our youngest, we took a family trip to Italy--something of a babymoon.  

That's pretty much the only picture of me in Italy, since even then, I was the only one who knew how to work my camera (even though I'm SO much better at photography now!).  We were exploring Pompeii, and in the distance behind us is Mt. Vesuvius.

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