A Brand New Website, a Brand New Magazine

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I am so excited to be launching Tikkido.com at last!  We've been hard at work building this site for over a year now, and we have so much content that we'll be adding in the next few weeks.  
Tikkido is division of Tradewind Tiaras, Inc.  I started Tradewind Tiaras in 2000, and in late 2010, realized that modern marketing practices had changed around me while I wasn't paying attention, and I really needed to start a blog and Facebook page for the business.  What to write about?  Weddings, of course.  But more generally, any sort of entertaining.  And since I have two young girls, that was all the excuse I needed to indulge in my crafty, artistic, DIY side and have an outrageously fun time designing their birthday parties.   
Gradually, I realized that I needed to split the brand.  The children's party planning content was really taking off, and it needed its own website.  And Tikkido was born.  A place to showcase my parties and tutorials, a place to show off the glorious work done by so many around the world.  A place of inspiration and education and motivation.  
The name Tikkido is a simplified spelling of my youngest daughter's nickname, Tykki-dyw, the Cornish word for butterfly.  Plus it's just cute and fun to say.  Plus I like imagining being  "Nikki, from Tikkido."  The consonance tickles my English-major self to the core.  
Tikkido Logo
I'm so excited to have you all along with me on this magnificent, fun journey into a new realm of the blogosphere.
I am also exceptionally pleased to announce that while I've been so bad at blogging for the last couple months, I have been very busy on a fabulous new project!  I've teamed up with Frog Prince Paperie to publish a brand new glossy e-magazine, set to debut on virtual bookshelves on May 21, 2012.
Festivities Magazine
Our magazine has pretty pictures, yes.  Lots of them.  And it has tutorials, and articles, and inspiration boards.  Everything you've come to expect from a quarterly e-magazine.  But we do something differently.  We show you the same party, done two ways:  one version done with minimal effort put into the design, and one version done in high effort and style.  We what to show you how you can take those over-the-top parties and can scale them down to fit your needs.  It doesn't have to be a nutty tornado of craftiness (fun though those are) to be beautiful, and we'll show you how!
Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido