Delightfully Disgusting and Delicious Bug Sugar Cookies

Not a tutorial for you today.  We're busy on the last of our vacation in England, getting ready to fly back home, so just a few spooky cookies to get you in the Halloween spirit for today.

When I was designing the Bat Cavern Trunk or Treat, I tried to really go with the theme, and think of what bats like to eat.  Some eat fruit, but most of them eat bugs.  Lots and lots of bugs.  That's one of the reasons I like bats!  So bugs it was--in cookie form, for our human guests.


Spooky Bone Cotton Candy Holder Tutorial

Turn sweet cotton candy into a delightfully spooky treat by making a bone shaped stick for the white cobweb candy of spun sugar.  


Spider Dog Halloween Costume Tutorial

Make a spider costume for your dog this Halloween, no sewing required!  


Spooky Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes Tutorial

How to make spooky spider web topped cupcakes for Halloween.  Hint: it's a sweet treat made from cotton candy!


Spooky Spider Egg Sac Halloween Treats Tutorial

Bundle up candy in creepy spider egg sac bundles for spooky Halloween candy fun.   This is a super easy tutorial even the kids can do!


Spooky Spiders' Den Halloween Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trunk or Treat inspiration, with a spooky spiders' den full of cobwebs and bones...and sweet treats.


Easy Pom Pom Spider Craft Tutorial

Turn pipe cleaners and pom poms into fun and not-too-spooky spiders in this kid friendly Halloween craft tutorial.


Easy Halloween Decor: Spider Web Antique Window Backdrop

I needed three different backdrops for the Let the Ghoul Times Roll black light party for Festivities magazine:  one for the drinks station, one for the dessert table, and one for the favors table.  The fastest and easiest of the three (though they were all pretty darn simple) was the one for the favors table.

Antique Windows for Halloween