Christmas Baking Cupcake Toppers

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These Christmas cupcakes are topped with a miniature gingerbread baking scene.  The Christmas cupcake toppers are made out of gum paste and are entirely edible!

Three Christmas cupcakes topped with miniature gingerbread baking scenes made out of gum paste.

I love all things miniature, and I love all things gingerbread.  I even made a miniature gingerbread baking scene Christmas ornament a few years ago.   When I was asked to make some Christmas cupcakes for friends this week, I decided to make an entirely edible version of my miniature Christmas baking scene to use as cupcake toppers.

Woman in green sweater holding a cupcake topped with a miniature Christmas baking scene made out of gum paste.

Miniature baking sheet, the tiniest little gingerbread men, and even a marble rolling pin, all made out of gum paste!  Delicious and utterly adorable.

How to Make a Gum Paste Rolling Pin for a Christmas Cupcake:

Package of gum paste, black food coloring, and gum paste that has been blended to look like marble.

Start by adding a little bit of black food coloring to white gum paste.  Begin kneading in the color, stretching and twisting as you do so.  But stop when it's at this streaky stage, before all the color is evenly incorporated.  It looks just like marble!

Marbled gum paste being turned into a miniature rolling pin cupcake topper.

Roll the marbled gum paste into a rope.  Cut into small segments approximately 1" long each.

Brown gum paste being cut with a paring knife to make Christmas Baking Cupcake Toppers

Roll a very small portion (marble sized, perhaps, at most) of gum paste into a very, VERY tiny rope (think fat spaghetti) and cut off tiny little handles for your miniature rolling pins.

Gum paste cupcake topper rolling pin being assembled using spaghetti.

I usually like to use Satin Ice brand gum paste, and when I use that brand, I can just use a bit of vodka to glue the small bits to each other.  The brand of gum paste I used for this project was ok, but not as good as my beloved Satin Ice.  And the handles just would not stick to the ends of my rolling pins.

No problem, though!  I just stuck a piece of angel hair pasta through the center of the rolling pin, and impaled the handles on either side of the pasta sticking out.  Still entirely edible, but the pasta can give some much-needed support and structure.

How to Make a Miniature Cookie Sheet for a Cupcake Topper:

Tiny silicone mold being used to make dollhouse sized gingerbread cookies.

The incredibly tiny little gingerbread men were made using a silicone mold created for making dollhouse miniatures.  I bought it from the utterly enchanting shop called The Mouse Market.  

Dust the mold with a little bit of cornstarch, then press in a tiny bit of brown gum paste, and pop out the cutest, tiniest little gingerbread men you've ever seen!

I used this technique because I already had the incredibly tiny gingerbread man mold.  But if I didn't, I would have used pre-made gingerbread man sprinkles!  They would be absolutely perfect for this project.

Gum paste being cut and shaped into miniature cookie sheets for Christmas Baking Cupcake Toppers

To make the miniature baking sheet, roll out a very thin layer of grey gum paste.  Cut into rectangles.  Score a line just inside from the short ends of the rectangles, and bend up at the scored line to create the raised lip of a cookie sheet.

Let the miniature cookie sheets dry for at least a couple hours before painting with a mixture of silver luster dust and vodka (or pre-mixed edible silver paint).  

Finished miniature cookie sheets with gingerbread men and miniature rolling pins made out of gum paste for Christmas cupcake toppers.

While the silver paint is still wet, set down the tiny gingerbread men.  They'll stick nicely to the cookie sheets when the paint dries.

Christmas cupcake topped with a miniature gingerbread baking scene on a white marble background.

Pop those darling miniature baking tools on top of a simple cupcake and you've got a darling Christmas dessert that depicts one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

Three Christmas baking scene cupcakes topped with miniature rolling pins and cookie sheets made out of gum paste.

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Collection of Christmas cupcakes on a baking sheet.

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