Christmas Lights Storage Tip

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Here's a quick post at the end of my busy day.  Kids back to school (you'd think that would make things easier, no?), lots of work all day, and I spent this evening taking down the Christmas tree.  As I was putting away the lights, I thought I'd snap a picture of how I learned to store them that saves so much time and headache the following year.

As you're removing the strands of lights from the tree, wind them into a ball of lights, like a big ball of glowy yarn.  Be sure that you roll it with the female end in the center of the ball, or you'll just have to unroll the whole thing when it's time to put it on the tree next year.  

It's compact.  It's easy to hold the ball of lights and string them on the tree next year.  And they make really cute photo props, too.

I love these pictures of our neighbor Zoe from Christmas last year!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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