Jeweled Fall Napkin Ring Tutorial for Thanksgiving

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These DIY jeweled fall napkin rings are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table.  They're easy and inexpensive to make, and these rhinestone napkin rings sparkle with fall color and style.

Tutorial for making easy, inexpensive, gorgeous jeweled fall napkin rings for Thanksgiving.

A glamorous touch to your fall table setting, right?

DIY napkin rings made with grapevine wire and large rhinestones in fall colors for Thanksgiving.

These are inexpensive acrylic rhinestones (this is the set I bought at Michaels), but they actually do have nice sparkle.  

Elegant, sparkling, jeweled napkin rings for Thanksgiving and fall.

I loved how the fall-colored rhinestones reminded me of autumn leaves.  Plus, organic, natural designs are way easier to make in multiples than things that have to be exactly the same!

materials for making jeweled fall napkin rings on a white marble background.

Jeweled Fall Rhinestone Napkin Ring Materials:

Rhinestones being glued to wire forms to make trios of rhinestones.

Cut a length of floral wire about one foot long.  Twist into three branches with a loop at each end of the branches.

Find two rhinestones of the same size, shape, and color.  Glue the rhinestones together, sandwiching the loop of each wire branch between the two rhinestones.

Rhinestones being wired to grape vine napkin rings.

Form the ring of the napkin ring by cutting a piece of grape vine wire approximately two feet long.  Wrap the wire into a napkin-ring sized circle, and wind the excess wire around the original circle, so it looks like a miniature, twisted grape vine wreath.

Wire two trio-clusters of rhinestones to each napkin ring.  Wind the wire stem around the grape vine napkin ring, wrapping at least three times to be sure that the jewels will stay secure.  Pull the wire tight by holding the end of the wire with the needle-nose jewelry pliers.  Trim off any excess wire, and, if necessary, use the needle-nose pliers to press down any sharp ends sticking up.

Jeweled napkin rings in fall colors on a fabric napkin on a black chalkboard background.

These jeweled napkin rings are the perfect mix of rustic and elegant materials.  

Jeweled napkin rings in fall colors on a fabric napkin on a black chalkboard background.

They're just the thing for your rustic-chic Thanksgiving table!  Or to make as gifts for your friends.

And can you imagine these done in silver and red, or green and red for Christmas?  In all clear or iridescent for a wedding?  I've made a TON so far, and I still have more than half of the box of rhinestones (that I bought for $10 at Michaels).  Use a coupon and it would be even less expensive.  

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