Tea Party Cupcake Toppers Tutorial: Part 4, Teacups

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Making the teacups for the tea party cupcake toppers requires nimble fingers, but not a whole lot of artistic ability.

Like the previous tutorials, it breaks down into easy shapes and steps.

Start by rolling a small oval of gumpaste, about twice the size of the teacups you want for your cupcake toppers.  Cut the oval in half with a sharp paring knife.  Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch up the rim of the flat edge slightly to make a simple teacup shape.

Next use a regular plastic straw to create the perfect circular indentation in the top of the teacup.

The circle made by the straw is incredibly helpful when painting the tea in the teacups.  The indentation not only gives you a perfect guideline for painting, but acts as a moat to keep the food coloring (watered down with vodka for painting) exactly where you want it.  No straw marks=sloppy, sloshy tea.  Straw marks = adorable, dainty tea time.

All that's left to do is to add a curly-cue handle and (once dry!) paint on any desired designs.

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