Teacher Appreciation Week Fortune Cookies

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It's teacher appreciation week, and parents all over the country are showing our children's instructors how much we love them.  For my daughters' classes, I'm whipping up a fun treat:  homemade fortune cookies, with a message from each child in the class inside each cookie.

I sent an email to all the parents in the class, asking each child to complete the thought, "I love teacher Linda/teacher Kim because ________________."  The answers were utterly charming, like these: 

 I love teacher Linda because I love her two times!!


I love teacher Kim because she likes butterflies like I like butterflies.


I typed out and printed all of the messages from the children.  Dividing the document into three columns made messages the perfect width for the fortune cookies.

Then I pulled out my Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker.  I don't typically like single-use appliances (specifically, I don't like having to store them!), but I've actually gotten quite a bit of use out of this thing.  It's earned its place.

The Sunbeam fortune cookie maker comes with everything you need to make adorable fortune cookies.  The little plastic folding gadget actually works spectacularly.  A lot of times these gadgets don't work nearly as well as you hope they will, but this device actually performs as advertised.

It's pretty fast work to make a batch of these for your favorite teacher.  

Homemade cookies are always good.  But with a love note from each child inside?  That's something truly special.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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