Easy Nilla Wafer Nautical Oyster Cookies Tutorial

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Looking for a tasty, EASY treat for a nautical/mermaid/ocean type party?  The kids at the Rain Gutter Regatta birthday party loved these Nilla Wafer oysters.

No baking required!  Takes only seconds!  And seriously, the kids adored them.

How to Make Nilla Wafer Oyster Cookies:

  • Nilla Wafers 
  • round white candies (I used white Sixlets)
  • buttercream icing
  • royal icing eyes

As a side note, let me just mention that I used washi tape to close up my icing bag only because my children have used up all the tape in the house.  Again.  But I love it!  It sticks perfectly well to the icing bag for the purpose, and it looks so cute!  Little things like that make me so happy.

Squirt a puddle of pink icing on the flat side of one nilla wafer.  Place the round white candy near one edge.  Put the second nilla wafer on top.

Wasn't that easy?

You could stop there, like the elegant macaron version I made for the Nautical Wedding Inspiration photo shoot.

But I was going for extra-whimsical and fun for this children's party, so I decided to add edible googly eyes.

I made mine with a little bit of left over white royal icing and black food coloring.  Just squirt white dots of icing on waxed paper, let the white dots dry (preferably overnight), and then paint on pupils with black food coloring.  These will keep for years--decades!--so it's a great thing to do with that leftover icing after you make cookies.  They're easy to store, and ready to pull out for future projects.

If you don't want to make your own, you can buy them as well.  I just think that the price for buying them is kind of crazy high compared to the price of making them and how quick and easy they are.

I attached my royal icing eyes with just a touch of royal icing, but you could use any icing, or piping gel to stick them on.  Use whatever you have on hand; no need to whip up an extra batch of royal icing for such a small job.

Like I said, the kids (and the parents) loved them!  Who doesn't love Nilla Wafers, really?  And done up so adorably, too?  They disappeared so quickly you'd think I'd thrown the party for Walruses and Carpenters.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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