How to Make a Paper Flower Backdrop: Part 1, Basic Flowers

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So you want to know how to make this backdrop from the Secret Garden baby shower?


It's easy! Inexpensive (about $15)! And really gorgeous, of course. I'm going to break this down into several posts. Not because it's complicated, but because I made quite a few different types of paper flowers. It's too much to cram into one post.


I was inspired by Chanel's 2009 spring runway show, and the absolutely striking paper flower backdrop.  To make your very own, you only need a very few simple materials.

You'll need one roll of easel paper (like for kids to draw on).


You'll also need scissors and a low temperature glue gun. (I ALWAYS use a low temp glue gun, because I ALWAYS glue myself!)

Now let's get started!  Continue to Page 2 to learn how to make the giant paper flowers.


Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido