How to Make Sprinkle Candles

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You knew this one was coming!  How to make Sprinkle candles for festive, easy party decor.

This simple craft works better with votive candles than tealights, but both certainly work in a pinch.  The votives are just much more attractive as the wax melts, and incorporates into the sprinkles when lit.

Use clean, clear votive holders, and add a thin layer of sprinkles at the base.  Then nestle your candle in the base of sprinkles, taking care to make the candle level, so it will burn properly.  

Then simply pour more sprinkles over the top of the candle, so that the sprinkles fill in the empty space on the sides.  A few sprinkles will likely stick to the top of the candle, and can be brushed away, but I thought the effect was charming!

When the lights dim, light your candles and enjoy!  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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