How to Make a Simple Balloon Tulip Flower

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I didn't want to use any real flowers at the Balloons party--not when "floral" arrangements of twisted balloon flowers are so easy, fun, and perfectly on theme!

Do those look intimidating?  Don't worry--the version I made for the low effort balloons party is an incredibly easy place to start learning about balloon twisting.

The simple balloon tulip.  It's amazingly easy, I promise.  And inexpensive.  And to your kids, pretty much magical.

And so I present my first video tutorial ever.  Yes, I stole my 8 year old's ipod and taped it to my tripod with painter's tape to do this.  My ancient dslr doesn't have video capability.  

See?  Wasn't that easier than you thought?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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