Real Parties: An Amazing Alice in Wonderland Birthday

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I love to read.  I've spent a huge portion of my life with my nose deep in a book and my mind deeply immersed in marelously imagined worlds.  It's no surprise, then, that I have a particular affection for parties with a literary inspiration.

My friend Paulette throws seriously amazing parties.  Remember her Harry Potter party for her older daughter?  She outdid herself again this year, with an absolutely astounding Alice in Wonderland party for her youngest.    Just checdk out that fabulous cake!  Paulette did it all herself.

I love the way she used books to raise the cake even higher, and simple props like the teacup and the stopwatch were absolutely perfect details.

In fact, Paulette did everything herself.  Someone who loves DIY projects, baking, party planning, and great books?  No wonder we're friends!

Look at these incredible cookies Paulette made--aren't they just perfect for an Alice party?

The girls made this clever card tower candy display for the dessert table.  What could be more perfect?

And the treats inside were utterly perfect:  two-toned "painting the roses red" chocolates.

A garden of sweet fruit flowers was there for a healthier treat.  I've seen fruit flowers before, but I just love the way the grapes are skewered off-center as leaves.

Simple, adorable "drink me" tags were the perfect embellishment for the glasses.

As fabulous as the dessert table was, the party itself was even better!  And that's what it's really about, right?  Look at the creative centerpiece for the craft table!  It's the googly eyes that really put it over the top.

the girls all decorated little top hat fascinators.  I lvoe the embellishments held in the mismatched teacups.

And the kids young and old had a blast with the photo booth.  Photo booths are always fun, but take a look at the amazing props Paulette painted! 

Happy birthday, Mackenzie!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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