How to Make Easy, No Sew Bunting

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Bunting is really magnificent stuff.   The way the flags flutter in the wind catches the eye, and makes any setting look like a party.  

Plus, it's incredibly easy to customize for absolutely any party theme.

Even better, it's seriously easy to make a very inexpensive, no-sew version.  

Supplies Needed to Make No Sew Party Bunting:

  • fabric
  • rotary cutter or scissors
  • twine, ribbon, or rope (something stringy)
  • glue gun

The first thing you need to do is cut your fabric into even triangles.  I like triangles that are 6" wide across the top and 8" long, but you could really make them any size.  I use a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat to cut a stack of triangles at one time, but you could certainly use scissors instead.

Next, cut a length of twine (or ribbon, or string, or rope, or whatever).  As long as you want the bunting to be.  (Just be aware that if you make it very long, it's prone to tangles and kind of fussy to unwind).  Then just use the hot glue gun to attach the fabric triangles to the twine.  It's really that easy.

My sewing machine and I have an uneasy truce.  I actually started making this as a sewn bunting, but after making about six feet of the decoration, my machine just decided to stop working.  I probably did something bad to it--I really have no clue.  But away to the shop for a cleaning and regulation it went, leaving me without a sewing machine the week before the party.  Necessity might have made me reach for the glue gun, but it was so easy, I don't think I'm ever going back.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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