How to Use Watercolors to Customize Nut Cups

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All of the treats we served at the A is for Addalyn party started with the letter "A."  It was a fun way to play with the theme.


One of those treats was animal crackers, a classic favorite with young children (and a fast item to purchase and add to the dessert display!).  I had cute orange and white striped nut cups that I'd bought from Petite Party Studio, which were the ideal size and shapre for holding individual servings of the cookies.  But I wanted to try customizing them a bit, so they'd be perfect for our party.  Guess what I used?  Yeah, there's a theme to all these tutorials.  Watercolors!

It was a very easy thing to use a bit of watercolor to turn the white stripes into turquoise to match our party.  the way the nut cups are constructed, there are vertical folds that guide the paintbrush and make keeping the color in its place insanely easy.  This craft took almost no effort, and very little time, but I think it really added something special to the presentation.

I can get the plain white nut cups at my local restaurant supply store, and I can't wait to try this technique on those!  Ombre/dip dyed cups, perhaps?  Custom colors for any party!  So many possibilities!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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