Easy Real Leaf Table Runner Tutorial

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It's time for more fun making party decorations with real leaves today!

This time, it's the table runner made out of real leaves.  I first saw this technique done at the biggest, most incredibly gorgeous wedding I've ever attended, way back in 1999.  The cake table was completely covered in a tablecloth made of real leaves.  It was absolutely striking, and clearly very memorable.  I have no idea how that florist did it, but I've found a way to create something very similar very easily:  a table runner made of real leaves.

You'll need paper towels, fresh leaves, and a hot glue gun.  That's it.

All you need to do is tear off a sheet of paper towels as long as you'd like the table runner to be, and start gluing on leaves with a hot glue gun.  Begin at one end of the paper towel, overlapping the leaves slightly as you go along, so none of the white base shows through.

The really lovely thing about this craft is how incredibly versatile it is.  Anything from a Jungle Jam birthday party to a mother's day garden party to an elegant wedding.  Just rip whatever size you need and go to town!  Cut the paper towel in a circle to make a charger!  Make placemats!  Or glue a few sheets of paper towels together to make a whole tablecloth!  

This is best done the day of the party, but my table runners still looked really good the next day without any particular care in storage. I'll bet if you misted it lightly with water and tucked it in a fridge it would look as fresh as new.  If you try it, let me know!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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