15 Fabulous Tea Party Sandwich Recipes

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Planning a tea party?  No tea party would be complete without dainty tea sandwiches!  Here's a collection of fifteen fabulous tea party sandwich recipes for you to try.

Tea sandwiches are incredibly easy to make.  If you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you can make tiny tea sandwiches for your very own afternoon tea.

Start with a loaf of white bread, and cut off the crusts.  You know it's fancy, because there are no crusts.  ;-)

Then it's time to start having fun with flavors!  One of my favorites is brie and apple.  I use my mandoline slicer to get perfect cuts of my apple.  Be insanely careful when using a mandoline, though!  That blade is crazy sharp, and it's easy to get going and get your fingers dangerously close to the blade.  I'm thinking of ordering these teflon cut-proof gloves to use when working with my mandoline.  Anyone have any experience with them?

To assemble the sandwich, I like to cut my apple slices in half, and place the flat edges at the sides of the square of bread.  That way I get full coverage, and no apple-free zones.

Another absolute classic tea sandwich is one made with cucumber and cream cheese.  I love using an herbed cream cheese to give the sandwich some extra flavor.  

It's pretty just like this, isn't it?  It kind of makes me want to make this sandwich an open-face sandwich.  But that's not the classic tea-party way.

I always make a tea sandwich with mascarpone cheese (a slightly sweet Italian spreadable cheese), fig spread, and prosciutto.  The salty and sweet combination is phenomenal.  

When you're done assembling the sandwiches, use a sharp knife to cut each square sandwich into four tiny triangles.  Just right for tea party finger food.  

Need some more ideas?  Here are some tea party sandwiches I love:

  • cream cheese, dill, and smoked salmon
  • roast beef, horseradish sauce, and pea sprouts
  • olive tapanade
  • date nut bread and strawberry cream cheese
  • bacon, arugula, fresh mozzarella, and tomato
  • bacon and brie
  • crab salad
  • egg salad
  • goat cheese and roasted red peppers
  • mascarpone and orange marmalade
  • blue cheese spread  (whip blue cheese and cream cheese together) and layer with chopped dates
  • feta spread, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes


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