Kitchen Renovation: An Improvised Cutting Board Holder

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I saw a cutting board holder from Rev-a-Shelf online, and thought it was a brilliant idea! The only problem was that it came with a cutting board. I have plenty of those already.

I also had scraps. Perfectly stained-to-match wooden scraps left over from when my father created our double oven cabinet (out of half a 30" base cabinet turned upside down, two fridge panels, and a 18" tall wall cabinet).

It looks perfect, doesn't it? If you can see it past all the construction mess. My father is such an incredible wood-worker!

I, on the other hand, am a woodworking dilettante. I know just enough to think I can do far more than I really can.

This project turned out to be within my capabilities, however. A few scraps, a few screws, and a few L brackets from the garage, and I made myself my very own vertical behind-the-door cutting board holder!

Man, these little things make me so happy. When I eventually get vertical pan storage, you will see glee. Unmitigated glee.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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