GODIVA Chocolates Gifts and a Gift Tag AND Christmas Ornament Tutorial

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My dad taught me about the magical deliciousness of GODIVA chocolate when I was a child.  He'd get a box of GODIVA chocolates from Santa each year, and he'd graciously share them with his kids--but with the understanding that these were special, really good chocolates.  I always felt so honored getting to share those chocolates with my father, and to this day, I get a little thrill when I see that distinctive golden box.

GODIVA chocolates are also one of my favorite gifts to give--to my dad, of course, but they also make fabulous hostess gifts and presents for neighbors and teachers. So many people like chocolate, and even the particular ones love GODIVA!  They're easy to find at Walmart, and the gold packaging is so pretty I don't even need to wrap it up.  But I love creative gift wrapping projects, so I decided to come up with a fun gift tag to compliment the GODIVA package. 

I love it even more when the creative packaging doubles as a secondary gift, so I created a present topper/gift tag/Christmas ornament to embellish my chocolate boxes.

Materials for Beaded Gift Tag and Christmas Ornament:

  • Plastic letter beads
  • small clothespins
  • spray paint
  • glitter in the same color as the spray paint
  • baker's twine

The plastic beads came in a riot of colors, but a quick coating of spray paint made them perfect for my packages.

Just the color looked good, but who can resist an opportunity for glitter?  (I sure can't!)  I painted my dried letters with craft glue and added the glitter, but I later figured out that it's much easier if you just sprinkle the glitter on the wet paint right after you spray paint the letters.  It sticks on at least as well as with the glue, and it's much faster and easier.


String the beads on some pretty baker's twine, and tie a knot at either side of the word so that the beads won't accidentally fall off the string.  You can write out names, or seasonal messages with the beads.  I think I'm going to make a pair of these that say "Merry Christmas"  for my own tree.

Now we just need a package to put the gift tags on!

Visit Walmart this holiday season for GODIVA Chocolate Gift Boxes. Available in three 9PC varieties and also a 15PC Dark All-of-a-Kind. (while supplies last)  I found the GODIVA chocolates in the seasonal grocery aisle at Walmart, on the bottom shelf.  

The NOEL ornament clips easily on to the tartan ribbon bow on this package of chocolates.

You don't even need to make a bow to create a gorgeous package.  A simple band of velvet ribbon, the name tag ornament, and a sprig of fresh greenery looks spectacular, and is so easy to put together.

I'm not sure which one I like better!  

I love how the gift tag looks used as an ornament on the tree.  I especially like how it's attached with the clothes pins, and not like a conventional hanging ornament.  

Chocolates and a pretty Christmas ornament?  Now that's a present I'd love to receive!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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