Easy DIY Fresh Flower Crown Tutorial

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A fresh flower crown made with REAL flowers is absolutely gorgeous, and surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make.  If you're thinking of making a DIY flower crown for a wedding (for yourself or a flower girl), or a boho photo shoot, or just to feel fabulous and full of spring joy, this is the tutorial for you.

collage of a little girl wearing a fresh flower crown made from white and yellow flowers

Fresh flower crowns in those stunning wedding photos look so amazing and lush and sumptuous, don't they? They're really easy to make.  Really.  I swear.

Little girl wearing a yellow and white floral crown, holding a metal tray with five cupcakes

To make my crown for the spring picnic, I used the same inexpensive flowers I used for the cupcakes (chamomile and roses).  I spent less than $20 on flowers, and I had quite a lot left over, in fact.  That makes this a very affordable option if you want to do some DIY wedding or event flowers.

Little girl wearing a yellow and white flower crown and holding a cupcake decorated with flowers.

With this method, the crown will look fresh and fabulous for about eight hours.  I didn't try keeping it in the fridge overnight, but with this technique, I'm guessing you'd want to make this just a few hours before you need to wear it.  

Fresh yellow and white flowers, wire cutters, and green and brown floral wire on a white background.

Materials for an Easy Fresh Flower Crown:

Brown floral wire twisted into a circle, green floral wire next to it on a white weathered wood table

Start by cutting a length of the wire that looks like grapevine, and winding it into a basic crown shape.

Wrap the end of the green floral around the brown wire crown base several times to secure the green wire.  

Cut the fresh flowers to a short length, and use the green wire to bind the fresh flowers to the brown wire base.

I didn't grab any great pictures of exactly how to wind the wire around the flower stems, but the video shows that part nicely: 


Hand holding a yellow and white fresh flower crown

Not hard at all, was it?  The unedited video of the process was about 8 minutes long, so you can tell the flower crown comes together pretty quickly.

Overhead view of a real flower crown made from yellow and white flowers, sitting on a weathered white wood background.

Is the crown a bit too big?  Not a problem, just fold and pinch the brown wire base at the back (where it would sit at the back of your head) to make the circle smaller.

Little girl wearing a real flower crown made from yellow roses, chamomile flowers, and other white flowers.

I think I might make one of these to wear to the Renaissance fair this weekend!  What do you think?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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