Simple Spring Picnic and a Spring Party Blog Hop

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Today I'm part of the Spring Party blog hop with some of my favorite blogger friends!

Collage of spring picnic  photos featuring yellow and white flowers and a tulle tent, optimized for Pinterest

I did a simple spring tea party/picnic setup for my daughter and her friend.  I just hope her friend doesn't expect this on every playdate now.  ;-)

Overhead view of four cupcakes on a galvanized metal cake stand, iced in white icing and decorated with fresh chamomile flowers and yellow roses

Cupcakes decorated with edible fresh flowers are quick and easy to make, and absolutely gorgeous.

Little girl wearing a fresh flower crown and reaching for a cupcake decorated with a yellow rose

Fun story:  I got distracted while I was photographing the cupcakes and left them sitting on the floor.  (Blogger behind the scenes insight: yep, those pretty staged pictures are taken with small photo backdrops on my floor, right by the back door, with chaos just out of frame. ;-) ) Our Shih Tzu, Murlin, got brave enough to sample a couple cupcakes.  He didn't want the cake, just the icing, and licked them clean.  Including the flowers.  He ate entire roses.

Little girl sitting on a quilt inside a tulle tent hung from a tree branch.

I made a quick tent structure with some tulle I've had in my closet for years, a hula hoop from our collection of toys, and a couple floral garlands.  The quilt was made for my by my great aunts, and was the perfect size for our little mini party setup. 

Small girl's hands holding a cupcake decorated with two yellow roses, a chamomile flower, and white icing.

I love using fresh, edible flowers to decorate cakes and cupcakes! It's so fast and easy.

Closeup of little girl wearing a yellow and white real flower crown, holding a cupcake decorated with yellow roses and chamomile flowers

Niamh is kind of obsessed with edible flowers herself, so she loved the cupcakes even more than I did, I think.

Little girl wearing a yellow and white real flower crown against a white background

Do you have any idea how dead simple and easy it is to make a gorgeous real flower crown like this?  I made a tutorial to show you how to make a fresh flower crown of your own! 

And be sure to check out the other amazing spring parties from some of my favorite bloggers:

Collage of spring parties for the Spring Party Blog Hop

Collage of spring parties for the Spring Party Blog Hop

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