Easy, Fast, Paper New Year's Eve Noisemaker Tutorial

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Imagine it's New Year's Eve, and you're having a party.  You've remembered everything--the ice, the champagne, the snacks, the decorations, the funny party hats--except the noisemakers.  Don't worry, you can whip up these paper noisemakers in just a few seconds!

Girl using an easy paper noisemaker made from a strip of paper.

How to Make a Paper Noisemaker

You just need paper and scissors to make these noisemakers.  You can use pretty scrapbook paper if you want to, but plain old white printer paper or newspaper works just as well.  Whatever paper you have will work.  Thick cardstock doesn't work so well, though.  We want thin paper, not cardboard of any variety.

Paper noisemaker being made by cutting a strip of green and white striped paper.

Cut a strip of paper.  Maybe 7 or 8 inches long, and an inch or an inch and a half wide.  You don't need to be precise.

Fold the strip in half.  Cut out a small notch just at the very edge of the center fold.

paper noisemaker made from a strip of scrapbook paper.

Fold back the top inch or so of each side of the noisemaker to make an easy place for your fingers to hold the paper in place by your mouth.  Then just put it against your mouth and blow!  It takes less than 30 seconds.  I even made a video to prove it!

Have a happy, noisy, wonderful New Year's eve!

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