Fancy Molded Butter Tutorial

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I don't think there's anything that makes me feel like I'm having a fancy dining experience more than a pretty pat of molded butter.

It's something done entirely for aesthetics, for the sake of beauty.  A tiny little touch that means you care about the details.  And yet it's SO CRAZY EASY!

You'll need some plastic candy molds (or silicone ones).  There are thousands of them out there, a shape for every theme.  I plan to buy these snowflake candy molds to make butter pats for Christmas dinner. Just search for a shape that's not too big (think pat of butter sized) and fits  your theme.

Spread softened butter in the mold cavities, and scrape off any excess butter.  A small offset spatula is a great tool for this job.  The bend in the spatula, along with the flat edge, makes it easy to scrape off the extra butter leaving a level surface.

Pop the butter-filled molds in the freezer.  Not the fridge, the freezer.  When frozen solid, they're easy to pop right out of the molds.  Store in the freezer or the fridge; they thaw very quickly, so I usually keep mine in the freezer until I need to set the table.

It takes all of a minute to make molded butter pats, but just wait until your guests see them!  You'd think you painstakingly carved them individually with the skill of a Persian miniaturist.  Shhh.  It'll be our little secret.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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