Free Printable Crystal Themed Birthday Invitations

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Planning a crystal themed party?  These free printable crystal themed party invitations are easy to customize for any color scheme, and any event, from a birthday party to a bridal shower.

Two printable birthday party invitations, decorated with crystal drawings colored in with green watercolor paints.  The drawn crystals are embellished with Czech Preciosa rhinestones.  One of the invitations is tucked in an emerald green envelope.  Text overlay reads "Free Printable Crystal Birthday Invitations."

I designed these for my daughter's 13th birthday--a Gems, Geodes, and Crystals themed birthday party with Bohemian style.   

Printable crystal themed birthday invitation, with drawn crystals surrounding the edges of the invitation, painted with green watercolor paints and embellished with Czech Preciosa rhinestones.  The invitation is layered on an emerald green envelope, and both sit on a white wooden surface.

Actually, I have to give credit for the basic design idea to the birthday girl!  Niamh and I brainstormed the party theme, she sketched up this rough idea, and I made it come to life.  This is the version we sent out, but I've made blank, printable versions that you can print out and fill in for your own events.

Materials for Printable Crystal Birthday Invitations:

A sheet of paper with undecorated printable crystal birthday invitations, and three finished, painted, and rhinestone embellished invitations arranged below.  On one invitation, the crystals are blue, on another, shades of purple, and the third, green watercolor paints were used.

How to Make Crystal Birthday Invitations

Print out the crystal party invitation file on white cardstock.  It's best to use a more rigid paper like cardstock for invitations, especially if you're going to use watercolor paints to color in the crystals.  Thinner printer paper will wrinkle when it gets wet.

I chose to leave the free printable invitations just black and white so you can customize the invitations to whatever your party colors are.  

Printable crystal birthday invitations being painted with a set of watercolor paints.

I colored my invitations in using watercolor paints.  I absolutely love the look of watercolor painting!  This was particularly easy because I was just coloring in the lines.  No particular artistic skill necessary to make these gorgeous invitations!

Painting tip:  Decide where your light source is coming from, and make all the crystals lighter on that side, and more dark and shaded on the opposite side.  As you can see, I definitely didn't do this perfectly, so don't worry much about it, but it adds lovely depth to the invitations.

These invitations would also look gorgeous colored in with colored pencils.

Two printable crystal themed birthday invitations, painted with green watercolor paints.  The invitation on the right features golden edges added with a small gold ink pad sitting below the invitation.

The invitations look great with just the colored-in crystals, but if you want to glam them up even more, there are a couple of easy things you can do.

I gilded the edges of the invitations using a small gold ink pad.  Just rub the ink pad along the edge of the invitation to add this classic embellishment easily.

Two printable crystal birthday invitations, painted with green watercolor paints, being embellished with Czech Preciosa rhinestones using Aleene's Jewel-it glue.

I also can never resist an opportunity to add bling with some rhinestones!  Glue the rhinestones on with a clear-drying glue.  I like using Aleene's Jewel-It glue best.  It's thick enough to be easy to place the glue exactly where you want it, thin enough that it's easy to squeeze out, doesn't smell terrible like some glues, and dries perfectly clear.  It holds the rhinestones beautifully and dries to a flexible finish, so it's good for fabric, too.

The Best Rhinestones to Use

My favorite rhinestones to use for any project are Czech Preciosa rhinestones.  I used a mix of acrylic craft rhinestones I happened to have on hand (the larger, teardrop shaped rhinestones) and smaller Preciosa rhinestones, and the sparkle and quality of the Preciosa absolutely blow away anything else.  I was a couture tiara designer for 13 years, and I used to be a complete Swarovski snob, but then Czech Preciosa started making rhinestones and crystals of absolute impeccable quality, at a fabulous price point.  I've been using Preciosa products for years now--on my daughters' Irish dancing dresses, on wedding veils and tiaras, on crafts here on the blog--and I'll never go back.  I usually get my Preciosa rhinestones in bulk from The Rhinestone Guy.  The website looks dated, but their service is impeccable.

Photo of two printable, crystal-themed invitations, painted with green watercolor paints, and embellished with Czech Preciosa rhinestones.   The top invitation is nestled partially in an emerald green envelope.  Both sit on a white wooden surface.

Whether or not you add the extra sparkle of rhinestones, these crystal party invitations shine!

Printable Crystal Themed Party Invitations:

Click the image below to download the PDF printable crystal birthday invitations, or save directly to your device.

Navigational image leading reader to the PDF for free printable crystal themed party invitations.

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