DIY Watercolor Gift Wrapping Paper Tutorial

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I love creative gift wrapping, and I love watercolor paints, so it was only a matter of time before I combined those two favorite things in one project.

I'm also a big fan or giving favors at parties that might actually stand a chance of being used, so when I saw classic palettes of watercolor paints at the dollar store recently, I knew I wanted to come up with a fun way to package them as a fabulous party favor.

What better way to wrap up a set of watercolors than with watercolor gift wrap?  I used a set of watercolors in tubes to paint my wrapping paper, but you could certainly just use one of the paint palettes from the dollar store rather than buying a fancy set of watercolors.

The paper I used?  Plain white printer paper!  Have some fun painting on some watery designs, and let the paper dry.

A sheet of standard printer paper is the perfect size to wrap up a classic set of watercolors.  Handy, no?  I did snap off the hang tab on the top of the paint box to make it easier to wrap.

Wrap the paints in the watercolored paper.  Wrap some white ribbon around the box (the short way) and tie it tightly.  If you get it nice and tight, you can slip the paintbrushes (also from the dollar store, bought in a six pack for $1) right under the ribbon, and the tension will hold them in place perfectly, without having to resort to using glue or tape.

Wrap more ribbon around your fingers several times to make an even bow, and use the ribbon already on the package to tie the new ribbon in place.  It looked cute like this, but the knot in the center of the bow looked a little lumpy, so I decided to cut a few little paper droplets out of my scraps of paper left from wrapping the paints.

I glued the watercolor droplets to the center of my bow using a hot glue gun.  Ah, yes, now it looked finished.

Love creative gift wrapping as much as I do?  Check out my pinterest board on the topic!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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