The Best Birthday Party Relay Race Ever

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Looking for a truly great birthday party game?  One that takes almost no setup or prep, and makes everyone happy?  Look no further!  May I present the Skittles Relay Race.

Make slips of paper with different numbers.   (I used 1 through 5 for the My Little Pony party.  All the kids in attendance could easily count that high.)  Place in an opaque container, and put at the starting line of the relay race.

Place a bowl of Skittles (or MnMs, or mini marshmallows, or some other small treat) some distance away.

Divide kids into two groups, and have them line up.  The first child in each line takes a slip of paper, reads the number, and then has to run to the bowl of Skittles and eat that many candies.  The child then runs back to the starting point and the second child gets to take a turn.  

Sure, if you get a higher number, it'll take longer.  But you also get to eat more candy.  Win-win!!  I've never seen a child be disappointed in losing the relay race while playing this game.  I want all of the guests to have a great time at one of my parties, so this game is party-planning gold.  

If you didn't want to use candy, I'll bet the kids would be just as happy putting stickers on their shirt, too.

What's your favorite party game?  I'm always looking for new ideas!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido