Easy Rope Covered Monogram Tutorial

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Looking for an easy way to decorate a chair for a guest of honor?  How about a simple, rope-covered monogram for a simple, seaside vibe?

You can make these as large or small as you want, use them as table numbers or cake toppers, or, like I did, to decorate the birthday boy's chair at the Rain Gutter Regatta.

Materials for Making a Nautical, Rope Wrapped Monogram Letter:

  • foam core board
  • razor-blade craft knife
  • rope or string
  • hot glue gun

Draw your letter or number on a piece of foam core poster board.  You can either freehand it, or, as I prefer, print out the letter I need in the size I need, cut it out of the paper, and use that to trace the perfect shape.  Once the letter or number has been drawn on the poster board, use the craft knife to cut the shape out.

Choose your type of rope based on the size of your monogram.  Have a smallish one?  Use twisted, rope-like string.  Have a big monogram?  It'll go a LOT faster if you use larger rope.

Tack the end of the rope to the back side of the foam core letter with a bit of hot glue.  Once the glue has dried, start winding!  Tack the rope on the back of the letter every few wraps around the form.

This J for James was attached with a simple ribbon loop to his chair.  

The same technique, covered with shells, makes awesome Mr. and Mrs. signs for nautical weddings, too!  I really want to make a front door wreath incorporating some of these large-scale decorative letters, too.  So many possibilities!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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