DIY Project: How to make a Wrapping Paper Table Runner

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One of my favorite budget party tips is using wrapping paper to make decorative table runners.


I used thistechniqueforthesparkly red and aqua table runner at our annual gingerbread house decorating partythis past year.

In fact, I used at last year's Swedish themed gingerbread house decorating party, too!

If you can even see it under all that candy. ;-)

This year's table runner was incredibly easy to make. I knew I wanted my sparkly blue wrapping paper to echo the design elements from elsewhere in the party. So I simply took a 6 foot length of wrapping paper, and cut it roughly down the middle, in nice wavy lines, so that the white table cloth below the runner would look like snow-covered hills.

I then simply cut some triangles from some red wrapping paper I had on hand and glued them to the curved bottom edge of the paper runner. Instant table runner to match the rest of the party decor!

And the best part about making wrapping paper table runners? Better than the low price tag? Better than how incredibly quick the craft is? Better than how perfectly matched and custom it is? Better than being able to stock just white table cloths and still match any party decor? You know what's better than all that? The cleanup! Toss it! Normally I'm all about re-using party elements, but sometimes, after throwing a party, all you want to do is sink down on the couch with a glass of wine. A paper runner gets you there that much faster.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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