How to Embellish Printables

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The Blush pink and green damask printables from Frog Prince Paperie are absolutely gorgeous just as they are.

Print them out, and you have a party right there.  But can I leave already gorgeous alone?  Clearly not, when I have a glue gun and random craft materials sitting around the house! (There's a fine line between having a well-stocked craft cabinet and being on Hoarders, and I'm dancing that line quite nicely, thank you!)

Frog Prince Paperie's lovely medallions made gorgeous decorations for the drinks and tables.  

But I had these leftover cheap silk roses from a previous project, and got inspired!

I took apart the silk rose, and used a low temperature glue gun (so I don't burn myself with my klutzy fingers) and simply layered the petals on the back of the medallion.

Ta-da!  An insanely easy, but utterly precious party decoration, perfect for this oh-so-feminine affair.

I also had some smaller silk floewrs left over from the same project.  I didn't want to cover up much of the gorgeous printed medallion, so I cut a larger, rough circle and glued it to the back of the printed circle.  I then glued the small roses around the circumference of the sign.  


So little time, for such pretty, customized payoff!

I still have boatloads of pink lace that I bought on super-sale and used at the Neapolitan April Fool's Day party and the Butterfly Birthday, so I decided to fancify the cupcake wrappers as well.

I love adding layers and textures.  And my own personal spin on things.  I get the basics of great design from the printables, and then add a little bit of my own flare.  It's just as satisfying as making something entirely myself, but is sooo much easier!  

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido