How to Make Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreos

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Learn how to make fancy chocolate covered Oreos with this easy tutorial.  These chocolate covered Oreos look spectacular thanks to designs made chocolate transfer sheets.

Tutorial for making easy, fancy chocolate covered oreos with chocolate transfer sheets.

Have you seen those fancy chocolate covered Oreos on dessert tables?  Do they seem impossibly detailed?  Intimidating?

chocolate covered Oreos decorated with leopard and chetah print chocolate transfers.

They're not!  I promise!  Pinky swear!

Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreos Supplies

Chocolate transfers cut into 2 inch circles with a punch for fancy chocolate covered oreo molds.

What are Chocolate Transfers?

Chocolate transfers are the secret to getting those gorgeous designs (easily!) on your chocolate covered oreos. Hundreds of designs are available--something that will work with just about any party! It's food-safe plastic on one side, with a printed confectionary design on the other.  When you spread chocolate on the plastic and let it cool, you can peel off the chocolate and the design will stay on your chocolate.  

How To Make Chocolate Covered Oreos with Patterns

First, you need to cut circles in your transfers.  

I found that a 2" round scrapbooking punch was an ideal tool for cutting circles of the chocolate transfer paper.  They were the perfect size to fit into the cavity of the Oreo cookie chocolate mold.  Using the punch was infinitely easier than trying to cut out perfect circles and not smudge off any of the precious designs on the transfer sheets.

Pink and white chocolate melts being melted and stirred together in a white bowl.

Next, melt your chocolate melts.  I like using Merckens brand melting chocolates when I'm not using actual real chocolate (which would need to be tempered--much more fussy, but delicious!).  Ghiradelli also makes a good chocolate melting wafers product, but it can be hard to find outside of the winter holidays.  Wilton brand chocolate melts are available at any craft store, in a rainbow of colors.  Remember, if you don't find quite the right color at the cake decorating store, you can always mix them.  

How to Color White Chocolate

If you want to use white chocolate and color it with food coloring, you need oil based candy food coloring (like this).  If you use a water-based food coloring, it will make the chocolate seize and unusable.

Pink chocolate for chocolate covered oreos in a chocolate covered oreo mold.

Put a circle of chocolate transfer paper in each depression first (making sure that the side with the stuff you want to transfer is facing up!), and add a dollop of melted chocolate.  Not much--just enough to cover the bottom.  If you'd like, you can use a spoon or a dedicated, clean paintbrush to paint chocolate up the edges of the mold.   

Oreos being covered with pink chocolate in a chocolate covered Oreo mold.

Gently place a cookie in the center of each well.  Don't push down !  You don't want to squish out all the chocolate from the bottom of the mold! Gently spoon more melted chocolate over the cookie, making sure to fill in the space around the sides.

Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreos in a chocolate covered oreo mold.

Pop the mold in the fridge to cool down, and when the chocolate has hardened, pop out the chocolate covered Oreos and peel off the thin plastic disk, leaving just the pretty design behind.

One pink and one green chocolate covered oreo with a delicate white pattern on top of the chocolate covered oreos.

That's it!  So pretty, right?  And no piping or artistic skill necessary at all!  

And the best thing is that these can be done more than a week before the party.  I love any party project that doesn't have to happen in the day or two before the event!

  Little girl eating a pink Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreo

But the best part about this DIY project?  The delicious results!

white tray holding pink and green Fancy Chocolate Covered Oreos covered in a delicate white damask pattern.

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