Kitchen Gadget Worth Having: A Silicone Pan

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I don't typically use silicone baking dishes. I find them a little floppy and annoying for everyday use.

But they are absolutely brilliant for some purposes. Namely, making candies and bar cookies.

Whenever I read a recipe that includes instructions like "butter the pan generously, then create a sling out of parchment paper and butter that as well" as a prophylactic measure against the goodies becoming cemented to the pan, I simply ignore those complicated instructions and pull out the silicone pan.

Just look at those sticky, clingy caramels pop right out of that pan! No struggle, no mangled edges, no linings of parchment or foil, no excessive oil. Just...pop. Once the goodies are out on the cutting board, it's simple to make clean, perfect cuts.

Yes, it is well worth the $10 spent on this silicone baking dish. I would pay it many, many times over to avoid the hassle of trying to get caramels out of a standard pan. It may not be the best multi-tasker, but its brilliance at what it does do well makes me find a spot for this silicone pan in my kitchen, no matter how crowded it is.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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