Hair Accessories for Short Pixie Cut Hair!

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So about once every decade I decide to chop off my hair.  And I'm not talking about shoulder length here--that's long for me.  I'm talking a super short, Ginnifer Goodwin style pixie cut.

I'm taking a break from the pink hair for a bit and going back to my natural hair color (pretty much the same as Ginnifer's), which my daughter loves, because she thinks I look like Snow White.  

I love the ease, I love the sassy, confident attitude I walk around with when I have a pixie cut.  I even occasionally take the time to wear makeup when I have so little fuss to do with my hair.

But all my old hair accessories don't work any more.  And I love hair accessories.  So I sat down for some crafting time just for me, and made some headbands.

Sparkly, feathery, fun headbands.

I love feathers.  You can't be in a bad mood when you're wearing feathers, I'm convinced.

Have you done a major hair-chop?  Found any cute hair accessories that work well with pixie cut hair?  And would anyone be interested in a tutorial for any of these?  They were pretty darn easy to make!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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