Peach, Honey, and Mascarpone Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Challah

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When it's peach season, I can't help myself.  I buy large crates, and practically live on the fruit, delighted by the tantalizing aroma, the sweet and tangy bite, the sticky juices dripping down my chin.  But as much as I love to eat them straight, sometimes I end up buying too many.  

Mascarpone, honey, and peach grilled cheese on challah bread.

This summer abundance is what inspired this recipe for peach, honey, and mascarpone grilled cheese sandwiches.  I had the peaches, I had the mascarpone, I had the honey.  All it needed was a worthy bread to start the culinary experiment.

Challah bread

It was time to bake up an old family favorite, challah.  It's ever-so-slightly sweet, pillowy soft, but with a richness and distinct flavor that I thought would pair well with my other ingredients.  My oh my, was I right.

Mascarpone, honey, and peach grilled cheese on challah bread.

I slathered slices of challah with a generous layer of mascarpone cheese, a slightly sweet Italian cream cheese.  I added a drizzle of honey, and a layer of perfectly ripe peach slices.

Next it was time to cook.  A bit of melted butter in the skillet, and medium-low heat to allow the cheese and peaches to get warm and gooey while slowly toasting the challah a glorious golden color.  

Oh, dear God, it was heaven on a plate.  Just lightly sweet, with a perfect toasted crunch on the exterior and a warm, soft bite to the creamy center. 

I tried it with fresh strawberries, too.

Mascarpone, honey, and strawberry grilled cheese on challah bread.

You know, for science.  Equally amazing.

I think I have found the perfect brunch food.  Paired with a fresh green salad and a bellini, perhaps?  Who wants to come over for brunch so I can have an excuse to make this again?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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