Tea Party Cupcake Toppers Tutorial: Part 2, The Teapot

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Last Friday, I started a series of posts showing how to make the miniature gumpaste tea set cupcake toppers, starting with the itty bitty forks and spoons.  today, it's all about the teapot.  Can't have a tea party without a teapot!

The basic teapot shape is really quite simple.  Just break it down into its basic shapes if you start to get anxious about the whole project.

Start by rolling a ball of gumpaste about the size of a grape.  Push it down ever so slightly to create a flat surface on the bottom, so the finished teapot will sit nicely.  

Next, roll a smaller ball, about the size of a pea.  Smush it into a rounded disk (I don't like peas).  Use a little vodka to glue the smushed pea to the top of the grape.  

Then, roll an even smaller ball.  Eensy.  Miniscule.  The size of a good sized sprinkle.  Glue that one to the top of the smashed pea, again using vodka.  (The vodka dries more quickly than water.)

Roll a small cylinder of gumpaste for the spout.  I like to make it slightly cone-shaped, actually, to be narrower at the spout.  Pinch the spout end between your thumb and forefinger to get that nice teapot spout shape.  Bend the spout into an S shape and--you guessed it--attach with a little bit of vodka.

Lastly, roll a very tiny snake of gumpaste.  Angel hair pasta thin.  Roll it into an s-shaped coil.  Glue on with vodka.   Making the coiled teapot handle is way easier than trying to make a C shaped handle, so I pretty much always make my teapots this way.  

Let the teapot dry COMPLETELY before even attempting to paint on any designs.  Seriously.  Don't try to rush this, or you'll end up cursing and re-attaching more spouts and handles than you can shake a vodka-dipped paintbrush at.  They're pretty sturdy when completely dry, but incredibly fragile until then.

Using food coloring thinned with vodka (handy stuff in cake decorating, that vodka!) and a very tiny paintbrush, add whatever designs strike your fancy.

Tomorrow I think I'll do plates and saucers.  I also have the cake stands, and the miniature confections lined up for tutorials, so come back for more tea party fun!

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido