Carpooling with an Egyptian Sarcophagus

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Update: My Kia Sedona minivan had plenty of capacity (I loved the space), but it died a horrible, complete death 2,000 miles after it was out of warrantee. Two months after it had been at the dealer for regular maintenence and an inspection. Have not had a response back from Kia.

So this was the scene in our car earlier this week.

Picking up the girls from school, friends for a playdate. And driving around a four foot tall Egyptian sarcophagus in the passenger seat of my Kia Sedona minivan.

It was originally a prop I made for my daughter's Egyptology themed birthday party. And it was awesome. Also rather big, and I didn't really have any use for it after the party. Luckily, my daughter's class was studying Egypt right after our birthday celebration, so her class had the best classroom decor for the unit in the whole school!

Most of the year, Senusret I lives in a corner of our garage. But any time I can find a teacher who can use a sarcophagus in the classroom, I buckle him up and drive him to school. I put a lot of work into making that prop, and I can't bear the thought of just throwing it away. I often adapt and re-use elements from one party to another, but a sarcophagus is pretty darn difficult to use with any theme other than Egyptian. That's why it makes me so happy when I can loan it to a school and help bring history to life for some kids. Plus, the double-takes I get in the carpool lane are just priceless.

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Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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