Watercolor Wax Resist Thank You Cards Tutorial

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Building on yesterday's post, today I want to show you another project I did using the same watercolor techniques--but this time with a fun twist.  Thank you notes featuring a watercolor wash and a wax resist technique.

I'm actually going to show you three different ways to get this look.  Choose the one that works for you!

The first way to get this look is by using art masking fluid.  It's kind of like rubber cement.  

You paint it on your blank paper where you want to resist the paint and leave white space.   In this case, I wrote, "Thank you!"

I also applied the masking fluid to a stamp and used that to create a beautiful script A (for Addalyn, of course!).  Just work quickly if you use a stamp!  The stuff dries rapidly.

Once the masking fluid is dry, paint over the paper with a wash of watercolor.

when the paint has dried, simply use your finger to rub off the masking fluid.  It will peel away easily to reveal the white design beneath.

As the name "wax resist" implies, you can also do this with wax.  A white crayon is great, easy way to play with this technique.  Just draw your design with a heavy hand, applying plenty of the wax crayon to the paper before painting.

And an even easier way to get this kind of look is to purchase pre-made thank-you cards with an embossed message.  I bought a package of these silver-embossed cards at Michaels in the dollar section.  

Just paint right over the face of the card.  The embossed foil part of the card design acts the same way that the masking fluid does, and repels the paint.  

I used this technique for the thank-you cards and gift tags.  It's an easy way to make cards that are affordable, beautiful, and completely custom.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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