Gingerbread Men Ornament Trick

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I love making gingerbread men ornaments each year with the leftover dough from making gingerbread houses.  We hang them on the Swedish cookie tree my father made.

We hang them on the Christmas tree.  (It smells amazing!)

We even hang them from the chandelier (our gingerbread men know how to party).

But turning a gingerbread man cookie into an ornament can be a little trickier than you'd expect.    If you make the hole for the ribbon before you bake, it often closes up as the gingerbread spreads slightly when in the oven.

The simple solution?  A plastic straw.  As soon as those gingerbread men come out of the oven, while they're still soft and piping hot, use a straw to cut a perfect ribbon-sized hole in your gingerbread man.

Sometimes the end of the plastic straw starts to melt a little bit and lose its shape.  If this happens, just snip off the offending tip, and you have a perfectly round hole-cutter once again.

Thread ribbon or string through your cooled cookies.  Decorate, if you'd like.  

Or just hang them up and enjoy the amazing scent and rustic, classic charm of your gingerbread man ornaments.

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Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido