Cookies, Gymnastics, Alabama, and a Rock and Roll 10 Year Old.

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I have SO MANY pictures I need to edit in my backlog!  So just a quick post today with a few fun highlights from my weekend.

A friend's son, Dakota, graduated from high school this weekend.  This remarkable young man is an amazing gymnast, and is heading to Nationals this year!  I attempted to do his amazing skill some sort of justice in cookie form.

He's also heading off to college at the University of Alabama.  (I believe this is where I'm supposed to yell, "roll tide!")  Awesome kid, awesome family.  I'm glad I got to help send him off to his bright future in a small way.

Memorial Day found us at a local restaurant and bar, watching my 10 year old daughter play with her band, Lead Feather.  The kids are all 10 and 11 years old, and they're so much fun to watch!  My daughter Ainsley did an awesome job on the guitar solo for Just Like Heaven.  

I'm quite sure my violin recitals at this age were much more painful to listen to at this age.  

Off to work on that massive backload of tasks!  Catch you tomorrow.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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