How to Line an Envelope

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One of my favorite ways to customize an invitation is with a lined envelope. Sure, you can pay the invitation company extra money to provide you with lined envelopes, but it's a fun and easy DIY project, and you have infinite possibilities for creating exactly the look you want.

Materials for making a DIY Lined Envelope:
  • Envelope of your choosing
  • Pencil
  • Paper for creating template
  • Pretty paper for lining the envelope
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
Instructions for Lining an Envelope
1) Use a pencil to trace the shape of the envelope on a piece of scrap paper and cut out the shape.
Trim 1/4 inch off of the left side, and 1/4 inch off of the right side of the template. Trim 1/2 inch off the bottom of the template. Leave the pointed top edge of the template exactly as it is.
2) Use the template to trace and cut the shape on a piece of pretty paper. Scrapbook paper works well for this, but can get expensive. High quality wrapping papers are excellent for this job, and come in a huge array of colors and designs. Art and paper shops often have large sheets of stunning papers available for a more economical price as well.
3) Slip the liner in the envelope. Use a glue stick to glue only the top (pointy) portion of the liner paper to the envelope. Do not glue lower than the fold! When gluing, be sure not to cover the adhesive on the envelope itself. Trimming the 1/2 from the bottom of the template should take care of this, but it's still important to beconsciousof placement when gluing the liner in place.
That's it! It's an incredibly simple project, but really adds such a visual difference. I love pretty little details like these that set the tone for the event to come.
Other Ideas for Lined Envelopes
  • Having a character-themed birthday party? Look forlicensedscrapbook or wrapping paper and use that for the envelope liner. So much more fun and interesting than a plain birthday invitation!
  • Don't limit yourself to paper. Imagine using lace, or a calico print fabric for an event with a shabby chic or vintage vibe.
  • How about this amazing idea using photos printed on paper from Martha Stewart Weddings:

Get creative! That's the point of DIY projects like this--make your invitation yours.
Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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