But First, Coffee: A Brunch with Friends and a Fascinator Hat Tutorial

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Recycled Keurig K-Cup® Pod Fancy Hat Fascinator Tutorial

Every time I see those empty K-Cup® pods, I think they're clearly just begging to be turned into fabulous little hats.  And all the best parties have great hats, after all!

It's surprisingly easy to make this dandy little fascinator, too.

Materials to Make a Recycled K-Cup® Fascinator Hats:

  • headband
  • empty and clean K-Cup®
  • washi tape
  • foam core
  • 1/8" ribbon
  • craft feathers
  • rhinestones or other embellishments

My frist step was to decorate the clean, empty K-Cup®.  I used washi tape, but you could easily use pretty scrapbook paper, or paints, too.  The slightly tapered angle of the K-Cup® means that the washi tape angles down as you wrap it around, so choose a pattern with that in mind.  These polka dots were pretty easy to align, but the striped tape I first tried looked pretty awful.  Also, be forgiving of yourself.  This is a fun, quirky, party hat, and every craft has a back.  The back doesn't have to be pretty!

Cut a circle of foam core slightly larger than the diameter of the opening of the K-Cup® to create the brim of the hat.  Cover the perimeter of the circle with more washi tape, and glue a band of ribbon around the edge of the circle to hide any rough edges.

Glue the K-Cup® to the round circle base, and embellish with craft feathers, rhinestones (like I used), or inexpensive silk flowers, and attach to the headband. 

Then wear that party hat with pride!  I dare you to try to have a bad time when you're wearing a fabulous, frilly, feathered hat like this.  You can't.  It imbues joy.  

Know what else imbues me with joy?  Really delicious food.  Read all about what I made for my friends at the brunch on the next page.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido