How to Make a Felt Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat

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Need to make a quick and easy (but completely enchanting) felt Peter Pan/Robin Hood hat?  This tutorial will step you through the simple process.  This Peter Pan (or Robin Hood) felt hat tutorial uses some sewing, but it would be easy to adapt to make a no-sew peter pan hat, too, just using a hot glue gun.

Green felt Peter Pan hat with a yellow feather tucked in the brim, on a dark brown wooden surface.

I made these dashing caps for One Stone Event's clever Feathers and Arrows fairy tale mash-up party.  (The website is no longer active, I'm afraid, so I can't link you to all the details any more.)

green felt peter pan hats with yellow feathers arranged in a circle around a felt campfire on a table.

(Awesome party photos courtesy of Emma Grace Photography)

Little Girl wearing a green felt peter pan hat

Just put the hat on and let the imaginative magic begin!

Little boy and little girl sitting on a picnic blanket in a backyard, eating popcorn and wearing a green peter pan hat.

Set of three green felt peter pan hats with yellow feathers, lined up on a dark brown wood table

Perfect for a Halloween costume, or just creative play.  

Felt Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat Tutorial

Edit:  I used to send you to a tutorial and free printable pattern from the blog Sew in Harmony, but a reader recently let me know that it no longer exists, so I've updated this blog post with my own free, printable peter pan hat pattern.

Free Printable Peter Pan (or Robin Hood) Hat Pattern

Click on the image below to find the printable, PDF version of the Peter Pan Hat Pattern.  You can print directly from the link, or save the PDF to your device.

Navigational image leading reader to free, printable peter pan hat pattern.

The pattern is in three pieces, and prints on two pages.  You'll have to cut out the pieces and tape them together.

When printing, make sure that the scale is 100% (see the screenshot of my print dialogue below).

Screenshot of printing dialogue, showing how to print the peter pan hat pattern at 100% size.

See the box circled in green?  It defaulted to 94%, which isn't a tragedy, but it will be a little (6%!) smaller than intended.  But you can just enter 100 as the value in that scale box and it will print perfectly.

Template of peter pan hat on top of green felt on a self-healing cutting mat, with a yellow rotary fabric cutter.

Print out the PDF peter pan hat pattern, cut out the pieces, and tape them together.

Cut out two pieces of felt using the pattern.

Two pieces of green felt cut out to make a Peter Pan hat and sewn along two of the four edges.

I cut two of my pattern pieces from the felt, and sewed the top edges of the hat together--BUT I didn't sew that back, flat bit of the brim yet.  

Green felt peter pan hat sewn together, but not yet with the brim turned up, on top of a dark brown wooden surface.

After sewing the first stage, I turned the hat right side out, and then sewed that last little bit at the back of the hat.  

Front tip of a green felt peter pan hat next to a low temperature hot glue gun.

After that, I just flipped up the brim of the hat (neatly hiding that last seam).  I found that a little bit of hot glue at the front tip of the hat brim helped the hat to hold its shape nicely.  After that, it's just a matter of using the hot glue gun to attach a feather, and you're done!

Three green felt peter pan hats with yellow feathers on a dark brown wooden table.

Not feeling crafty?  You can you can always buy them!  (buy here)

Feeling crafty?  Using a rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat makes cutting out a bunch of these a breeze!

DIY Peter Pan Hat Tip:

If you don't want to sew the hat together, just use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces together.  It works really well!

Green felt Peter Pan hat with a yellow feather tucked in the brim, collage optimized for Pinterest

Did you make one of these for your kid (or you?)  I want to see!  Share your creations over on the Tikkido Facebook page.

Girl dressed as Peter Pan's Escaped Shadow against a stone wall.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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