Doctor Who Birthday Party: Part 2, Desserts and Treats

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It's time to show off all the fun desserts I made for Niamh's Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Doctor Who Birthday Party!  (And be sure to check out part 1, all about the decor, too).

The backdrop was the LED light-up star ceiling panel I originally made for the Star Wars Pottery Barn Kids event, and then re-used for Ainsley's Firefly birthday party.  One of these days maybe I'll actually get around to mounting it on a ceiling!

I bought an awesome set of Doctor Who cookie cutters from ThinkGeek.  The embossed lines definitely made the decorating process easier, especially for the cybermen cookies.

I got a little rushed for time by the time I made the sonic screwdrivers, but I couldn't NOT have sonic screwdriver cookies!

My Van Gogh painting cookies are my favorite, though, by far.  

Amy's favorite painting, plus the exploding TARDIS, of course.  Surrounded by bunches and bunches of brigadeiro sunflowers.

I recently bought a dehydrator, and used it to make homemade apple fruit leather, which I then cut into Cassandra shapes.  "Moisturize me!" 

And of course I had to have fish fingers and custard!  My fish fingers were cleverly disguised cookies, though.

Niamh wanted a cake with every doctor, and every companion sculpted out of gumpaste.  Sadly, I didn't have the time to make that dream come true.  Instead, I went for cupcakes with edible ball bearings, knowing that at least the 10th doctor would approve.

Adipose marshmallows!  I found this idea from Hearts&Craftsy on Pinterest and knew I had to do it for our party.

Jammy Dodgers, obviously!  These were so delicious!  I'm going to be making them all the time now.

And finally, the treat that just got better as the night went on:  Time vortex cloud cotton candy that actually glowed, thanks to the LED light up cotton candy cones I used!  For some reason, the lights showed up way better with the blue cotton candy than the pink cotton candy we made.  Just a little tip for you there.

Glowing, flashing, rainbow-lighted clouds of sugar--who wouldn't be sporting a grin like that?

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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