Easy Watermelon Balloons Tutorial

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Balloons instantly make any gathering a party, don't they?  So for the watermelon-themed pool party, I knew I wanted balloons.  Watermelon balloons.

They don't carry such a thing at the local party stores, but they do have plain bright green and deep pink 12" balloons in various sizes.  And I had an idea for a quick project to turn them into watermelon balloons.

I also used 5" balloons as fun watermelon party accents.

They make a great cake topper, don't they?  I can't wait to try this technique with a regular cake, too.

This video shows just how quick and easy they are to make.  I only show the small balloons in the video (easier to film), but it's exactly the same technique with the larger balloons.

Ready for the full tutorial, and many more pictures?  Head to Page Two.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido