Watermelon Themed Plastic Forks Tutorial

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I love the small details at parties that pull a theme together, so for the Watermelon Pool Party, I decided to turn plain plastic forks into cheerful watermelon-themed ones.

It takes only seconds--seriously, when I made the video, it turned out to be something like a 10 second tutorial.  But aren't they adorable?

It's definitely more fun to eat watermelon with a watermelon fork.

Like video tutorials?  I made one of those!

Prefer a full tutorial with photos and all the details?  Head to Page Two for everything you need to know.


Watermelon Decorated Plastic Silverware Tutorial

These plastic forks decorated like watermelons are so quick and easy to make.  

Materials for Watermelon Themed Plastic Forks:

  • craft glue
  • plastic forks
  • green glitter
  • black permanent marker

Simply use a paintbrush to coat the end of the fork with glue, and add green glitter.  I used the extra fine glitter in Peridot from my Martha Stewart glitter set.  Shake off excess glitter, and draw seeds on the fork with a permanent marker.

Ta da, watermelon fork!  I just love it when projects turn out like I hope they will when I come up with an idea.

Nicole Wills, creator of Tikkido

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